Web Forms by Wingman

Many companies are realizing the benefits of converting their business forms to new automated online forms.  Imagine your sales force working with a customer and inputting information about their project directly into a form with a tablet, laptop or even a smartphone. The information is stored directly on a secure section of their website, and can be emailed directly to the customer and your company's office.  Customer and sales agent signatures can be made directly on the screen and captured along with all other information.

Gone are the days of filling out forms on a clip board, trying to press hard to make multiple copies, and hoping the order doesn't get misplaced in the trunk of your salesman's car! Your sales team will look more professional and cutting edge by taking mechanized orders while right in front of the customer regardless of whether they are in the customer's home, yard, service station, or your store.

We have created these forms for many clients across industries, including; landscaping, auto repair, contractors, pool supply, jewelry, and dental offices.  With Web Forms by Wingman your employees and your customers will immediately realize these benefits:


  • Ease of order taking
  • Mechanized order entry for order forms, work orders, contracts and any other documents
  • No more paper order forms to lose
  • Fill out directly on tablet while with the customer
  • Email forms directly to customer
  • Records signatures
  • Easy, mechanized reporting and tracking

Online forms are customized with your company’s logo, colors, and specific information.


Email us at info@wingmanplanning.com or give us a call at 732-539-5980 to learn more.