Survey Research & Analysis

Wingman Planning can assist you with careful survey research and analysis to better understand your clients and customers.

Consider how powerful word of mouth is – when your clients speak highly of your company to their friends, it generates a positive buzz and referrals for you, but only one negative experience can do just the opposite. It is important to give your customers an outlet for feedback, questions, suggestions, and even criticism. Survey research allows your customers to express an issue that you may have been unaware of, and gives you the opportunity to address the issue, and most importantly, keep your customers pleased.

Advantages of survey research and analysis through Wingman Planning:

  • Discover which areas your business excels in and which could use improvement
  • Development of strategic & customized questions
  • Comprehensive report of survey results with detailed data and data analysis
  • Report also includes identification of your strengths & weaknesses as well as your advantages, challenges, & opportunities
  • Strong positive survey responses provide excellent content for marketing materials
  • Discover & address any not-so-perfect issues before they become reoccurring problems

All research and results are confidentially managed by Wingman Planning and for your eyes only.













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