Photography and Videography

Wingman Planning offers photography and videography services to deliver the most high-quality work for our clients. Our professional photographer specializes in all camera and video work, as well as drone technology. One-on-one personalized or professional photo sessions capture portraits, products, and services to fit any client need. Our Canon 7D Mark 1 and 4K quality cameras allow for the highest resolution and quality possible.


Wingman's newest technology consists of a DJI Osmo+ and Phantom 4 drone, to collect photo and video of entire events, properties, and more. Our videographer is a FAA Certified Pilot with Part 107 Certification in Unmanned Vehicles. Flying within FAA regulations, we are able to offer one of a kind pictures and video. All editing is completed within Adobe Creative Suite programs to ensure we are supplying the best of the best.


Wingman Planning's photography and videography services are completed by our trained photographer. From the initial click of the camera to the final editing, we create personal relationships with every client. Let Wingman Planning capture your business in 4K.