Wingman Planning Announces Consulting Firm: Executive Member Receives Advancement

Manasquan, NJ, September 12, 2018 – Local marketing agency, Wingman Planning embarks on its newest endeavor. After years of succeeding in small business marketing efforts, Tom Mirabella President and CEO of Wingman Planning, starts a new firm aiding the intermediate business class. This year, we welcome Fulcrum Consulting to Wall Township, N.J. The objective of Fulcrum Consulting is simple; to provide guidance and advancement to those who are seeking an in-depth and all-around business marketing plan.

“After years helping our small business clients, I’m really looking forward to starting something similar but on a larger scale. I believe that we can provide a number of effective strategies that will not only attract new leads, but that will also grow their business to even higher levels,” Mirabella, CEO of Wingman Planning states.

With the start of Fulcrum, comes a well-balanced, highly experienced team. Leading the group is Toni Castellana, a familiar name to those clients of Wingman Planning. Castellana has been a crucial member of the small marketing agency’s overall business. As Website & Design Project Manager, she has assisted in a wide range of website platforms since the beginning of Wingman Planning. Moving forward, Mirabella has appointed Castellana as Chief Marking Officer of his new consulting firm.

“I am very appreciative of this new role that was given to me. With the start in website and design work, I’ve learned all there is to know about branding a business and what excels a small, local company. With that, I’m prepared to work with new clients on a greater spectrum,” Castellana, CMO of Fulcrum Consulting said.

The future is certainly bright for Wingman Planning and Fulcrum Consulting. With an experienced leader and a successful background in small business marketing, there is no goal left unreached.


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