Videography and its Marketing Potential

It’s no surprise how much video content has taken over the Internet as of recently. By 2021, it is said that video content will make up more than 80 percent of all internet traffic; that’s not only a statistic worth noting, but if you’re a business owner, it’s something you can take advantage of and use as a marketing tool. With this new growth of content, more businesses are looking toward videography, but especially live video. Did you know that 94.8 percent of employees have stated that live video is going to be a main component to of their marketing plan for 2018? According to the 2018 Live Video Streaming Benchmark Report from Brandlive, this is where our marketing plans should head. With live video taking over, here are a few tips and tricks that can really increase your audience and improve the quality of what you put out:  

Strategy: Start small, see what works with your audience and then increase from there. Over time you’ll be able to manifest videos so that your audience not only stays tuned but interacts.

Platforms: Whether you’re streaming from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Periscope the possibilities are endless.

Consistency: Keep at it. When you have a constant presence, your audience base grows!  Just remember to promote the upcoming video a couple of days beforehand!

Talking points are key: Stay in the three to five range, it’ll keep you focused and it will make the video sound less scripted. Viewers appreciate the real rawness of live video as it shows how you would naturally occur with your customers.

Accessories: While using a smartphone is okay you can really improve the quality with a floor or desktop tripod with a smart phone mount, a plug-in wired clip-on microphone and a clip-on LED ring light that attaches to your phone.

The better the video content and quality the better the chance you have with user interaction. states that people comment on live broadcasts 10 times as often as on traditional videos! Just remember that this is a marketing tool that can really push you above the competition if used right. Connect immediately with your audience and watch your brand recognition grow.