Verify your website!

Web spam.  Everyone hates it and, unfortunately, we are all victims of it.  Google sent out messages about search spam and now Google users are cleaning up.  Spam, although unpreventable, can be mitigated.  In October of 2015, Google rolled out their new spam algorithm which removed a ton of the hacking issues. It’s important to verify your website in the Google Search Console in order for Google to notify you if an issue arises on your site. According to the report, “Users submitted more than 400,000 spam reports.  Google acted on 65 percent of them and considered 80 percent of those acted upon to be spam.” The best of website developers have seen their fair share of spam, Wingman Planning included.  Viagra ads and pop-ups can really damper a website, which is why it is so important to get verified. Google had put together over 200 Hangouts, in several languages, to help webmasters with their questions. That, to us, means that they're committed to making Google a better place for all businesses.