Microsoft to Buy LinkedIn

Microsoft has decided to purchase Linkedin, the professional social media platform, for $26.2 billion in cash making this the biggest acquisition in Microsoft's history. LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner, will remain as CEO but report to Satya Nadella. Microsoft's CEO. Both Weiner and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman both are in favor of the sale.

So what does Microsoft plan on doing with the platform? They are planning to bring a missing piece of the puzzle to the table: to compete against Salesforce, a CRM, cloud computing giant. But before they get there, Microsoft is focusing on software that will give LinkedIn a far bigger reach in terms of social networking. Microsoft has not had the best of luck in the social media department, which is why the acquisition of LinkedIn is a very big deal.  This purchase will finally allow them to have a significant foothold in the social arena. For LinkedIn, this means that they no longer have to compete with other companies building software and platforms more complex than theirs.

As for all businesses who use LinkedIn, this means that there are much-needed changes coming.  All of us at Wingman Planning are very excited to see what Microsoft has in store.