Google RankBrain

Google is now using an artificial intelligence system called RankBrain to help sort through search results. So what is RankBrain?  It’s a Google’s name for a machine-learning system used to help process results.  The computer will teach itself instead of being coded, making it a true artificial intelligence (AI for short) wonder. This system, although super futuristic, is a lot different than the AI most are familiar with (Terminator, anyone?). RankBrain was designed to learn and make connections, not take over the world. RankBrain is part of Google’s search algorithm, Hummingbird, that will help to weed through the billions of pages to find whatever it is the user is looking for. There are many different moving parts to the Hummingbird algorithm and RankBrain is just another intricate part as it is the third-most important signal (i.e. how Google determines how to rank web pages). So how is RankBrain helping refine searches? The system can see patterns between seemingly unconnected searches to find a correlation. In the future, this will allow it to understand complex searches. Most importantly, RankBrain will associate these groups of searches with results that the user will find interesting.