Goodbye Google Plus

In a world full of social media networks, Google Plus was the shiny new social network platform gaining lots of attention and promise during its debut in 2011. That is, until it disappeared from relevance almost overnight, and now joins other networks like Myspace and Friendster in the social network graveyard. For various reasons, including not being user-friendly enough and not dangling any edge over its competition, many users decided to give up on this network even after a revamp only a few short years later.

Some of the most noteworthy reasons it never gained dominance in the world of social networking, is there was no way it would ever be able to compete with Facebook, Twitter, or any of its other competition that resonated with users, offered security measures, and excelled in being user-friendly. In its final days some groups still remained, but use had been in steady decline, with most network loyalists being either male and tech types or those active in Google+ Communities and Collections.

With the ever-advancing climate of social media networking, and Google’s overwhelming success in many other areas, we tip our hats to a good try and know there’s much more to come from Google. We’ll be waiting to see their next projects and developments as they come.