Facebook Says No More: Website Clamps Down On Posts That Unashamedly Beg For Your Engagement

We all know that Facebook is a place where everything is shared; while some of it is meaningful a lot of it is crap. Luckily the volume of these posts may drop, Facebook has made a move to reprimand content that begs for engagement through their new page-level demotion.

Over the next few weeks Facebook will penalize posts who choose to bait users into liking, commenting or tagging others in the comments section in order for it to be more visible throughout the platform. So the next time you see a “Like if you’re an Aquarius” or “Tag a person who has a name that starts with S” post you’re interacting with ‘engagement bait’.

Facebook will be demoting pages’ total reach to online populations if they are caught baiting. If you’re one of these offenders, fortunately, Facebook allows engagement baiters to earn their reach back if they play nice and reduce the spamming.

Also, there are exceptions to this reduction of reach.  If a child is missing, if someone is raising money for a good cause etc. they will not be penalized. But, who heads this operation you ask? A machine. After running through hundreds of thousands of posts it can detect different types of engagement bait.

So keep an eye out on Facebook during the next few weeks and see if you notice a lessening of these posts!