The End Of Adobe Flash

Adobe Systems has stated that they will discontinue their well-known Flash Player by the end of the 2020 year. Although it seems like a long time before then, Adobe Flash has been used less and less on a variety of web browsers. Internet Explorer has been the player’s last host, but will soon disable the plug-in by the end of 2019, a year before its official sentence. 

Flash Player has had multiple incidents on the topics of security and reliability. Attacks have been made months apart and continue to happen on desktops and Window-related platforms. With this occurring, more and more computer security companies have urged those to remove Adobe Flash Player.

Since then, Adobe has been moving toward HTML5, which has the same capabilities and functions as the browser plug-in, but safer. With that, Flash has not been a part of iOS or Android since 2010-12 and has been blocked by Google and Firefox.

While the death of Adobe Flash Player seems like a much-awaited day, repercussions are due to happen. Developers have the option to rework old sites that were once accustomed to the plug-in or abandon them. Whichever lies ahead, web browsers will become more secure and less prone to attacks.