Wingman Planning works with small businesses in the New York metropolitan area to help them succeed. At Wingman Planning we recognize that every company is unique and that each of our clients has different goals and different definitions of success. We are here to understand their goals and help them to seize opportunities and grow their business. Our services range from website design and development to printing, business planning, and complete business overhauls.


We have been helping clients find and exploit competitive advantages since 2006.  Since Wingman Planning's founding, most of our original clients are still working with us - after we helped them meet their original goals, they have asked us to do more work and utilized new services.


Our clients span a wide range of industries and range in size from those just starting out to larger companies with up to 50 employees.


Our principals have experience working as entrepreneurs, consultants, and employees at companies of all sizes.  We have functional and leadership experience in strategy, financial planning, all aspects of marketing, sales, competitive analysis, field operations, and customer care.


We are here to be your Wingman in all your business endeavors.


Email us at info@wingmanplanning.com or give us a call at 732-539-5980 to learn more.